When a desire to write features brings a website to life

Jeff Sykes
Lit South editor Jeff Sykes

Creative branding has always been a significant challenge for me. Sure, I can attend a city council meeting and write about the geological report for a $10 million water line or the incremental financing of an $80 million infill development, but if you ask me to brand a concept we’ll be here all day.

Since leaving my job as the editor of an alt-weekly newspaper in Greensboro, North Carolina last June, I’ve struggled to hit on a concept that I believed in. Ideas related to local news, regional politics, the start-up ecosystem, or national opinion have bounced around in my head. I’ve pursued two to the brink of launch only to abandon them when either the niche or the market just didn’t feel right.

Enter Lit South

One desire has remained through it all. I’ve wanted to put my effort into writing feature stories about unique people doing interesting things.

I came upon the idea for Lit South after deciding to pursue the feature-writing angle. The concept fills my four requirements (something I care deeply about, something of interest to others, a potential niche of deep interest, a wide geographical appeal) and is portable. Thus far, I’ve developed a lot of ideas and divided the site into three content sections: writing (primary), musicians/artists, and sustainable small businesses.

As I begin producing content in the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy my work, share your ideas with me, and share our articles widely.